Top 5 Sports Courses in the USA

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If you are interested in heading out to the USA on a sports scholarship, you will no doubt have a keen interest in sports, whether it be how the body is affected by exercise or how to become a teacher or coach. Here we take a look at the top 5 sports courses available at U.S colleges, giving an overview of each course, the top ranking colleges for the courses and what career opportunities you can expect once you've graduated. Sports Medicine Overview Sports medicine courses examine the scientific aspects of the use of exercise in health promotion, disease prevention and treatment of medical conditions. Top Ranking Uni's
  1. Ohio State
  2. South Florida University
  3. Michigan
Career Prospects Career opportunities open to graduates in sports medicine include fitness testing, health promotion, sport and recreation management, various positions in the leisure industry and the Health Service. There is also the opportunity to develop a clinical orientation by entering physiotherapy or medicine as a postgraduate student.   Sports Science Overview Modules typically include biomechanics and sports psychology, giving students a broad understanding of the academic theories and knowledge which goes behind sports, exercise and team interaction. Programmes then build on this knowledge and students can expect to learn about the physiology of top performing athletes and how they differ from the average athlete. Some courses even have compulsory modules in sports IT and teaching and coaching. Overall, the course should give you opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of physiological, psychological and biomechanical theories, and how these can be used to assist performance enhancement. Top Ranking Uni's
  1. Texas A&M
  2. University of North Carolina
  3. University of Georgia
Career Prospects Career opportunities include work in clinical exercise, health-promotion or in sports science support. Some sports science graduates have managed to secure senior sports science positions with national sporting bodies and professional sports clubs.   Sport Management Overview Through this course you will acquire expertise in leadership, management and entrepreneurship along with the latest IT initiatives to prepare you for a successful management position in the sport business world. You will learn about the increasing professionalism of sport and how the changing patterns of the sport consumer has led to this being one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Millions of pounds are spent each year on sport broadcasting rights, licensing and merchandising and this course has been designed so you can seize these new and exciting opportunities in this dynamic industry. Top Ranking Uni's
  1. University of Florida
  2. University of Minnesota
  3. University of Central Florida
Career Prospects Potential employment opportunities exist within local health & leisure clubs and sports complexes. Graduates may also find suitable positions within local authorities, sports-specific or sports related retailing, sporting national governing bodies (NGBs), sports consultancy enterprises and sports marketing and management companies, along with a number of more general international sports management opportunities.   Sports Nutrition Overview Sports nutrition is a specialized program of study that combines the field of fitness with the field of health, specifically in the area of nutrition. Sports nutrition programs of study normally expand on undergraduate courses, providing an in-depth education on fitness and nutrition topics, such as exercise physiology, health promotion, sports supplementation, exercise and aging and advanced nutrition. Top Ranking Uni's
  1. University of Pittsburgh
  2. University of Colorado
  3. University of Utah
Career Prospects Students who successfully complete the course of study, meet their state's requirements and obtain the necessary license may find employment in outpatient care centers, surgical hospitals and local government agencies, as well as physical therapy centers and school athletic departments.   Physical education Overview Common topics of study in physical education degree programs include sports program management, sports history and ethics, motor development, control and performance, exercise physiology and movement analysis. Practical field experience is included in many physical education degree programs. Students interested in focusing on coaching a specific sport should look for schools that offer that sport. They may be able to play on the team or intern with the coaching staff. Many schools offer opportunities for students to work as personal trainers in the school fitness center. Top Ranking Uni's
  1. University of West Virginia
  2. University of Texas at Austin
  3. University of Kentucky
Career Prospects If you want to start a course in physical education, make sure that the degree qualifies you for state licensure as a public school teacher, in order to keep your options open for for when you graduate. Other physical education programs may lead to careers in coaching, fitness instruction or personal training.  

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