Easiest College Classes

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While you obviously want to gain the most out of your education, 'easier' college classes do still have their place. For freshmen, they are a good way of building confidence and experience for getting good grades, and for more experienced students, they offer the chance to pad their GPA and focus on more challenging subjects. No matter what the reason for taking an easier class, most universities offer a variety of less academically challenging options. We've put together a round up of the courses considered to be the easiest options:

Athletic Courses

Most athletic courses don't pose much of an academic challenge, and they are often graded on a pass/fail basis. Tennis, basketball and even bowling are offered at many institutions. While some of these can be physically demanding, the grading is easy as long as there is a genuine effort on your part. Good attendance is almost always required, however, as the professors are usually aware of the students' reasons for taking the class.   Environmental Issues This is one of the few very easy classes that might actually be interesting. Make sure you take a lower-level section, as the higher-level ones can get pretty deep into philosophical and ecological reasoning ...   Film Studies Depending on your school, Film Studies may or may not be an easy class. At a very artsy school, youll find that its taken pretty seriously and that youll delve deep into issues that go beyond film and enter into the theoretical realm of art. Pretty intense. If your school isnt like that, though, you should have no problem passing this class by watching movies and then sharing your thoughts on them. If you keep an open mind, you may find that there are a lot of very interesting things hidden just below the surface of popular film. You also might be able to ace this class with as little effort as youve ever given a class.   Specific Culture Studies Unless this is a language-based class, you should have little problem. All youll have to do is study how other people live and discuss it. What could be simpler than that? If youve had any experience with that specific culture, youll barely have to do anything. As long as you dont make any really big mistakeslike forgetting the language spoken in that culture, or where the country is on a mapyou should no trouble getting through this class. Definitely one of the easiest classes for credit.  

Introductory Classes

Introductory classes tend to follow a curriculum that is usually a cursory overview. As long as you have an interest in the subject matter, the challenge should be minimal. If you are a new student, you can do even better by taking an introduction or adjustment to the university course. The assignments tend to focus on basic things that are rather intuitive, such as how to find information at the campus library or use the campus web mail system.   Sources: ehow, StuVu, Campus Explorer  

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