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We would like to take a moment, to thank all of our readers who have been visiting our blog! We hope that you have been enjoying our posts, and that they have been a good resource for those considering (or pursuing) a sports scholarship to the USA. Another great resource that you may not have considered is Twitter. Check out our top 5 reasons why you should follow FirstPoint!  
  1. Talk To Us! The FirstPoint USA Twitter account is managed in house by experienced FirstPoint USA staff. Contacting us via Twitter is a great way on getting your questions answered directly. Our staff are all on Twitter, so you can speak to our consultants, client services staff and even our Chief Executive, Andrew Kean directly (he loves to tweet!) ....we even have our own resident Agony Uncle - @AgonyAl who can help you with all your worries and concerns about starting a new life in the USA! Here's a list of our main Tweeters! Why not give them a follow? 2. Find Out More! If you are considering a sports scholarship to the USA, are actively pursuing a scholarship, or maybe you don't know much about it at all...then twitter is a one stop shop for all the information you need. Our Twitter feed is jammed full of useful information about everything from How to get a sports scholarship, to how to ace your SAT's to how to handle homesickness - and much more inbetween! We also have great advice and tips, interviews with visiting coaches, staff, athletes and their parents and US College & University news! 3. Connect with our US Athletes! Many of our athletes who have been through the process, and secured their scholarships are now in the US - and still keep in touch with us! The best part about our job is seeing our athletes doing well in the U.S - and it really makes us proud to hear them tweeting about their success and experiences. Many of our athletes in the US tweet regularly about life in the US, so they are definitely worth a follow! There are too many to mention, but check out these regular Tweeters and give them a follow! 4. Link Up! If you are considering joining our scholarship program, then it's a great idea to link up with other athletes on our program. Not only is this a great way to make new friends with similar interests, but you will also be playing against some of them at Client Games or assessments so it's always good to know your team mates! Also, you never know who might end up on your team at University in the USA! Just check out the story of Jack Moore, and Dan McCarthy who met through FirstPoint USA, became good pals and now go to The University of West Alabama together! Read their story here. 5. Stay Inspired and Motivated! Whether its motivational sports quotes, videos of sports facilities in the US, or our athlete success stories from the USA - you are bound to find something that will inspire and motivate you to keep on track towards a sports scholarship to the USA.  

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