Former Client Interview: Jordan Ladbrooke

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Jordan Ladbrooke is a former FirstPoint USA Soccer Scholarship recipient, who is nearing the end of his time at Northeastern State University. We caught up with Jordan this week to reflect on his time in the USA, his highlights, and what advice he has for any other talented young athletes considering a Sports Scholarship to the USA. 1. Can you tell us a bit about your sporting background? I played many sports throughout high school. And played football for my local club team.   2. What made you choose FirstPoint USA and are you glad you did? I chose FirstPoint USA because of the opportunity to play here in the US and gain a degree. I knew that they would be my best chance of furthering myself both academically and athletically.   3. How did you find the initial leaving home to go to America (knowing no-one, different culture etc)? I had never been to America before coming to study here so I was concerned at first, but after being here for just a short period I had met so many great people who were all willing to help me with anything. I adapted quickly to American life, it helps that a lot of things are similar to life in the UK so that definitely made it easier.   4. What has been the highlight of your time in that U.S so far? The highlight of my time here has to be my entire senior year. I was named team captain and we finished conference runners up. We also went to the NCAA quarterfinals for the first time in NSU history and finished with another school best #11 national ranking. I also earned several personal accolades so it has been a successful for me!   5. How have you found it balancing training, college and social life? And which do you dedicate the most of your time towards? It proved difficult at first but I learned to better manage my time. I would make sure that all of my uni work was done whenever I wasn't training during the day. During the season, athletics really takes a lot of time up. Some times it feels like there isn't enough hours in the day but there are plenty of times to go out and enjoy yourself after season is over.   6. Are there opportunities to earn some cash out there? My university has plenty of on-campus jobs available. These range from working in the school offices to being a parking attendant. However they are competitive so applying as soon as possible will help in getting a job.   7. What are the facilities like at your college, and are they as you expected? Just as I expected, the facilities here are excellent. There are many training surfaces available and our game field has just been remodeled. The workout facilities are also great, strength coaches are available which definitely helps too.   8. How do you think the U.S attitude to college sports differs from that of UK schools? There is a strong emphasis on being strong and athletic. Technique is obviously valued but coaches here love fast, tall athletes who are strong on the ball. Hitting the gym and working on fitness is strongly encouraged even in the off-season training, which I found more challenging than training during the season.   9. Can you describe a typical day in the life of a college athlete? A typical day for me during season would be class from 8am-2pm, training at 5-7 then my nights would consist of homework or studying.   10. What advice do you have for anyone considering a sports scholarship? Studying abroad in the USA is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity that not many others can say they have done. If you do decide to come over, then do as many things as you can because before you know it, you will be graduating.   11. If you were to go back to your 1st year at college, what would you do differently? If I could go back to my freshman year, I would not do anything differently. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and have learned so much and met some great friends.  

We'd like to thank Jordan for taking the time to answer our questions and wish him the best for the future!

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