Showcase 2012: Staff Highlights

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Barry Neville, Clearing Department Manager My highlight would have to be the effort displayed by all players who attended, but in particular the level at which the girl's teams played!   Kirstine Hughes, Digital Media & Marketing Manager My Showcase highlight was interviewing the visiting US coaches, and hearing more about their universities and what they look for in International players. I also enjoyed getting the opportunity to personally meet with a lot of our talented young athletes that I usually only get to talk to over our social networks so it was nice to see them in person. It was great to hear about how much our athletes enjoyed it!   Nicole Montoya, Client Services I'd say my highlight would be getting the chance to tell some of the girls that coaches showed interest in them, and that they wanted to speak with them and follow-up after the Showcase. I also rather enjoyed getting the chance to speak with the US coaches and answering their eligibility questions on certain players.   Megan Hammond, Client Services Managing to have a good balance of hard work, such as looking after the coaches, keeping scores, and good laughs such as Simone's walkie talkie singing!   Rosie Witham, Digital Media My highlight would be getting to meet all the parents, players and coaches face-to-face, as that's not an everyday activity in my job role! Getting to meet coaches from universities I've researched and written about for this blog was great too. That, and obviously getting branded a sheep!   Simone Enrici, Clearing Department The best bit for me was hearing the positive feedback from the US college coaches!  

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