Athlete loses eligibility due to online music videos

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Part of the FirstPoint USA service is having access to our unique and highly experienced Compliance department, who can offer you advice on how to bag yourself that college scholarship. There are certain rules enforced by the American college athletic governing bodies that have to be abided by in order to secure that sports scholarship, and our Compliance team are well versed on what can prevent you from achieving your goals in the USA. Wrestler (non-FirstPoint USA athlete) Joel Bauman has found this out the hard way recently, when the University of Minnesota declared him ineligible after he declined to remove songs and videos that feature him online. [caption id="attachment_7384" align="aligncenter" width="310"] Photo via KARE (Gannett)
USA College Today[/caption] NCAA rules state that student athletes are not allowed to use their name or image for commercial use, included songs affiliated with a music career. When the NCAA Compliance Office met with Bauman and requested that he remove his likeness from these accounts, he chose not to. As a result, he can no longer compete as a Gopher for the University of Minnesota. Minnesota's Director of Compliance J.T Bruett said that the University is sympathetic, but must follow NCAA rules. If Bauman had used an alias, did not refer to himself as a University of Minnesota wrestler, and removed his photos he could continue with the videos, and still attend the University. Bauman said he is not angry at the University or the NCAA. He said that he has been creating music for 9 years and has not made money from it. Bauman still plans on wrestling, and on using his degree so he hope to find a compromise. Many prospective student-athletes are not aware that there are certain rules they must follow in order to become eligible for their scholarship. If you are a FirstPoint USA athlete, and have any questions or concerns about your own eligibility then our own Compliance staff are happy to help. Don't forget - just like when you apply for jobs, it is in the interest of the compliance staff at Universities to 'check up' on you online to see how you present yourself and whether or not you are a good representation for their school. Make sure you are sensible about what you post on social networks as it could cost you!

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