College Dorm Make-Over

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Everyone wants to have a cool college dorm room - a space where you can hang out with your friends, get some much needed alone time and relax. This is your home away from home, and it's a good idea to make it as comfortable and homely as you can. When you first arrive at your dorm room, you may find it to be a very generic space - fitted with only the basic essentials with not much character. Fortunately, we have a few tips for you on how to make your mark on this space, and make it your own. First things first - get organized with the basics! Here is a great essentials checklist we have found to help you know what to pack (or buy when you arrive).   Once you are set up with the essentials, it's time for the fun stuff! Decorating your dorm to reflect your personality and to keep little reminders of home around. Here are some tips on how to transform and maximize your dorm space:   Pinterest is a great social media network that is hugely popular in the U.S. If you have not yet signed up, then get involved! Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and we have found some great ideas for dorm room decoration. Check some of our favorites out!:

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