FirstPoint USA at the MLS Super-Draft: Part 1

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My week in America was a fantastic experience for me. I am one of the few in the office who didnít do a scholarship in the states so it was amazing seeing everything first hand. You hear loads of stories from the other guys at Firstpoint USA about their time in America so I sort of had an idea †what it would be like but my expectations were completely blown away! Iíve been to Orlando before and anyone who has been to International Drive knows its very touristy so it was great seeing (what I call) real America. The first part of the trip was at Indianapolis, Indiana. This yearís NCAA coaches convention was being held here. The city was awash with tracksuits and I could spot many familiar looking faces/badges from the showcase event we run. The clearing staff arranged many many meetings with the coaches and promoted our clients. It was a bit hectic for the guys trying to schedule all their meetings and time certainly flied! I realised how important the footage we create is as every coach commented on how much it helps them recruit. They also commented on how well managed our website is and how popular our blog that was good to hear. Every year at the NCAA coaches convention is the MLS draft and this year was no different. Televised live on ESPN, recent college graduates were being drafted to MLS teams. There was an electric atmosphere in the room as fans from all teams turned up to show their support. I was a little bit jealous of the players being drafted to LA Galaxy. We also had time to meet up with former Firstpoint USA clients and staff - Ally MacKay and Craig Hughes. They are now working out in the states, Ally working for a Sports travel Company and Craig is now a coach at Midland University. Indianapolis is a lovely city. The 75,000, all seated Lucas Oil stadium (home to the Indianapolis Colts) was a short walk away from the convention center. All in all we spent 3 action packed days there then made the 1 1/2 hour drive to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my adventures in America!

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