UK vs USA : University life or College Living?

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Many people ask us...What are the differences between an American Bachelor's Degree and its British equivalent?

  For starters, in the USA you are not expected to specialize in a particular degree, but rather you major in a field. You can also incorporate other subjects into your course to fit your needs. So, you can pick 'n' mix your courses to a certain extent, allowing you to delve into fields that wouldn't normally be open to you in the UK. For many young people, going to University can be daunting as making the decision on what you want to do for the rest of your life can be tough. In the UK, you decide on your degree when you apply but when you go to the U.S, you can choose to be 'undecided' and take more general courses in your first year and choose a major by your second year - so your options are much more flexible in the US compared to the UK where the degrees are aimed at students who know what they want to specialize in.     The workload differs between institutions but in the UK, students can generally go for long periods of study until the end of term when all deadlines seems to be due at once, whereas in the USA there is a form of continuous assessment. Thanks to greater funding in the States, Universities tend to have a better staff to student ratio, state of the art facilities and technology and a wealth of textbooks and resources. College sports in the USA, is a multi-billion dollar business, with income drawn from attendance at sports events, sponsorship, TV rights and endorsements. This gives the Universities the opportunity to invest in the best coaching, and athletic facilities for their students and also to offer full and part sport scholarships to student-athletes in a range of sports. Since British Universities are now charging more for tuition fees, many students have started to make their way across the pond in pursuit of their own American dream - recent converts include Harry Potter actress Emma Watson (Brown University)!

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