My FirstPoint USA Interview

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At the start of the year, FirstPoint USA held a competition to become an honorary FirstPoint USA blogger, a competition won by myself, Corrie McDonald, 18, from Cornwall. I am is still a FirstPoint USA client, and have been through the majority of the FirstPoint process. I'll will be writing monthly blog posts for us, with first hand experience and advice about each stage of the process. Check out my previous posts: What to Expect On Assessment Day This month, I discuss the FirstPoint USA interview process, what to expect from your interview and how I thought the interview went: When my consultant rang me after the assessment, he started to tell me what he thought I had done well. He also asked what the experience was like for me and if I felt anything could have been done differently. After speaking for quite a while he offered to hold an interview with me and my parents. This was great news but we still had to find out whether FirstPoint USA was the right choice for me or not. There was a selection of dates and venues where the interview could take place and the following Wednesday suited my family best. It just happened that Stamford Bridge was where interviews were being held that day! My Mum and I arrived at the stadium reception a couple of hours early (try and arrive early to the interview, it not only shows that you are punctual but also that you are enthusiastic), so were told that we could spend some time around the stadium and come back later. Stamford Bridge is incredible and thats something for a Manchester United fan to say! After walking around, taking lots of photos, eating some food and visiting the gift shop, we headed back to the reception. The receptionist then directed us to the executive boxes. After finding the box that my consultant was in, we walked in and formally introduced ourselves. I looked out on to the pitch and was allowed to have some pictures taken in the actual grounds before the interview. To start, my consultant went further in to depth about the whole process of FirstPoint USA, discussed how feasible the signing on fee would be to our family and showed us an exemplar scholarship offer. He also told us the exact process that he personally went through, both in receiving his scholarship offer and fulfilling his degree out in the states. We then discussed each item on my C.V including academics, sporting achievements and additional extracurriculars. I filled out a questionnaire to do with previous clubs I had played for, any criminal records, current levels of fitness and just general information. The interview lasted about 40 minutes in total and I left feeling positive. Positive about how the interview had gone, FirstPoint USA in general and the fact that this could be the start of the rest of my life! Two days after the interview my consultant rang me and offered me a place on the FirstPoint USA program. Depending on where you live, the first stages of the FirstPointUSA process can involve a lot of travelling. A lot of people choose to travel to the FirstPoint USA HQ in Glasgow for their interview but seeing as though I live in Cornwall, London was the easier option. It still meant that I had to travel two 500 round mile trips within 8 days of each other though. It can be tiring, but it is so worth it! The staff are really friendly and supportive and are always doing what is best for you! Each long journey is helping you build your life experience and take the next step towards your future. I mean, I played football at the David Beckham Academy AND visited Stamford Bridge with FirstPoint USA!  

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