8 Ways College & Highschool Differ

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Check out this great article from USA Today, highlighting the differences between highschool and college: Everyone gets the pre-college jitters during the countdown to move-in day and orientation. You start to freak out just a little bit all your teachers always said college would be harder than high school, but how hard? We all know college is different from high school, but exactly how different? Living with your classmates If youre going to live on campus, more often than not, youll be seeing people from your Psych 101 class in the dining hall and the lounge. Hanging out with your friends is as easy as walking a few feet down the hallway. Doing group projects has also never been easier, but this means you cant just leave your problems at school; you live at school. Speaking of school More work This isnt your high school English class where you had an easy paper every two weeks. Theres going to be lengthy assignments and chunks of readings that may or may not come up in lecture. You actually have to work for that A there are no As for effort in the eyes of a professor. As if this wasnt enough No helicopter parents Your parents cant remind you when that paper is due, to do your laundry or make you a late-night snack. They cant check your grades for you and tell you to get your act together. They might tell you what they think you should do, but as an adult, they cant legally force you to do anything. Lucky for you, this also means Freedom Finally. Youre out of the house and on your own. You can stay out as late as you want, hang out with whomever you want and study whatever you want whenver you want. You dont have to go to class, you can sleep til 4 p.m. and no one will judge you. However you want to live your life, the choice is up to you. But heres the catch With great power comes great responsibility Uncle Bens right. While you dont have a curfew, you also need to get sleep. No one can tell you to go to class, but no ones obligated to give you the notes either. Its all about time management and prioritization skills, and you cant blame anybody but yourself if your report card is D-sappointing. But dont fret! If youre studying something that you really like Actually enjoying classes Generally, if you choose a major you love, youll find yourself sitting at the edge of your seat, engaged in discussion, and actually caring about the things your professor is talking about. Every student in a class is someone who consciously chose to take that class, and more often than not, youll actually befriend a lot of the people in your major. College isnt all about the classroom though Experience over knowledge In college, you actually go out into the world and learn about life for yourself. Therell be a lot of firsts in your freshman year, and things you cant learn in the classroom are sometimes the most important (i.e. the fastest route to class, how to have a good relationship with your roommate). And funnily enough Everyone makes mistakes A big part of the high school experience is the way that rumors fly around. In college, no one has enough time to worry about whos dating who, or what happened at that frat party. Everyones just too busy. Youre expected to make mistakes in your freshman year; laugh them off, learn from them, and live.  

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