Women's Soccer Scholarships: All You Need To Know

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American college soccer is regarded as a major sport, with approximately 20,000 players competing within the NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA associations. There are over 1400 + Women's college soccer programs at universities across the United States, with a maximum of 14 scholarships for a DI team, 9.9 for DII, 12 for NAIA programs and 18 for a NJCAA program. American soccer coaches will all be looking for different players from different positions to make up their teams. Generally, they will be looking for a talented young athletes who have the ability or potential, are committed to the game, and have a good sporting background. Position specific skills are attractive and can give you an edge above the rest. What is involved in the FirstPoint USA Soccer Scholarship Program? All potential soccer student-athletes follow the same path through our program, and each stage assumes you have successfully passed the one before:
  1. Initial application and eligibility assessment
  2. Meeting and interview with a dedicated Sports Consultant
  3. Offer of contract and acceptance onto the program
  4. Your athletic footage is filmed while you play in our organised client games, and is added to your FirstPoint profile, along with your academic and sporting CV, and more
  5. SAT exams
  6. You are then promoted to US coaches
  7. Receive scholarship offers & choose the best fit for you
  8. Get your VISA
  9. Get out to the USA!
You can find a more detailed checklist of our full process here. We've also recently featured several blog posts from a current FirstPoint USA women's soccer player, Corrie MacDonald, which give a great insight into the FirstPoint program, from someone who is experiencing it first-hand. Corrie has written posts about her interview, client games and soccer showcase, we recommend checking these out!   What is it like to be a international female collegiate soccer player in the USA? We like to keep in touch with our clients throughout their student-athlete careers, and have been lucky enough to steal a few minutes from their busy schedules and ask them about their experiences playing soccer State-side.
Compared to the UK, the US have a never die attitude towards their college sports. Fair play and athleticism are the emphasised at every game. They take everything so seriously and are fiercely competitive which will make you into the best possible player you can be - Samaira Khan (click to read full interview)
FirstPoint USA helped me when I was going through the process, and gave me a lot of good advice. I feel the staff put a lot of time and effort in securing the right place for me in America - Adelle Jackson

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