4th of July Feast!

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Happy 4th of July from all at FirstPoint USA! We're celebrating the only way we know how, with lots of food! So as we stuff our faces, and celebrate American Independence from...well...ourselves, take a look at what foods this healthy bunch miss the most from their time in the USA: Nicole Montoya 1. USA style pancakes 2. Carne Asada 3. In & Out Burger John-Paul Boyle 1. Wings 2. New York pizza 3. Steak Barry Neville 1. Wings 2. Steak 3. Olive Garden Salad Andrew Kean 1. Jersey Mikes 2. Fogo de Chao 3. Chipotle Liam McGrath 1. Benihana 2. Rendez Vous BBQ 3. Pizza John Crawley 1. Chipotle 2. Cheesecake Factory 3. In & Out Burger James Beggs 1. Taco Bell 2. Hot Dogs 3. Buffalo Wings Simone Enrici 1. Jersey Mikes subs 2. Chipotle - burritos 3. Chicken wings Allen MacDougall 1. Fried Catfish 2. Twinkies 3. Liver & Onions  

How will you be celebrating the 4th of July? Let us know by tweeting us @firstpointusa1

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