Looking Forward to Beginning my Soccer Scholarship

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At the start of the year, FirstPoint USA held a competition to become an honorary FirstPoint USA blogger, a competition won by myself, Corrie McDonald, 18, from Cornwall. I am is still a FirstPoint USA client, and have now been through the whole FirstPoint USA process. I have been writing monthly blog posts for the FirstPoint USA blog, with first hand experience and advice about each stage of the process. This month I reflect on my experiences now that I've been placed at Western Nebraska Community College. Ive been very lucky with the amount of contact I have had with US and Canadian universities over the past 7 months, all have been so different from each other. But each one had something different that appealed to me. The decision as to which college I would go to was really difficult. Each coach that I spoke to showed me how much they cared about having me join their programme. In the end I chose Western Nebraska Community college, which will be for two years, to earn an Associates degree. Then, I hope to transfer over to a four-year University (only for 2 years) to complete a Bachelors degree. The advantage of this being that Community colleges prepare you for college life, whilst helping you improve both on and off the field; making you a better candidate for 4-year Universities, generally meaning better scholarship offers. WNCC was founded in 1926 and has three campuses, it is fairly small which means I will get to know a lot of the community. 24 different countries are represented within the college as well, so I hope to gain a better knowledge of several other countries at the same time. Nebraska is fairly central in the USA and it has a varied climate. This is a big reason to me liking WNCC, the summers are hot and the winters are cold, which means great tanning in the summer and snow in the winter! Western Nebraska tends to have less rain as well, so I cant complain. The coach is really nice and has fully supported me with everything, from initially applying online to sorting out my housing application and paying my housing deposit. I have booked my flight and my coach has sorted out transportation from the airport to the campus. My VISA was approved last week and I have already received it in the post. So the only things I have left to do now are sort out my health insurance, pack my suitcase and head out to the states at the end of July. I cant wait to get out there and experience the US culture while on my soccer scholarship. Training is going to be intense, with 3 hour and a half sessions a day starting at 6 in the morning. Im not exactly a morning person, but to be able to do something I love, early morning is so worth it! However, I am increasing my training and doing extra little bits to help build my fitness before heading out. Im going to miss playing for my current team Callington Town Ladies, theyre an amazing group of girls, but hopefully the girls at WNCC will be just as great!

We would like to thank Corrie for taking the time to write blog posts for us every month this year, and look forward to hearing about her adventures State-Side!

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