Tom Black Talks About His U.S Soccer Scholarship

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Tom Black secured a soccer scholarship to the University of Missouri–Kansas City through FirstPoint USA in 2009. Tom recently spoke on about his American experiences, and what he has achieved since he graduated:

UMKC came about when I thought about going back into football. It was convenient to be able to continue my education and also play football full time and honestly, it was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. They haven’t got the biggest history or size in terms of colleges but the coaching was great. I had all the things I expected from football in England and more. From the physios to the weightlifting coach to the sports psychologist, everything was done professionally and the positive American sporting mentality was pushed upon us from the start.

Each college had their different methods of playing, just like England but it was mainly the psychological side of things that was different. It is something that is overlooked a bit in the UK (from my experience anyway).

The lifestyle was fantastic and the people were so welcoming. One of the years I was there, my plane got delayed until Christmas Eve due to all the snow and almost everyone had left for Christmas break so I was left stranded a bit. One of the guys picked me up when he found out and took me home with him to stay with his parents. I was treated pretty much like one of the family and dropped off at the airport for my flight. It was just things like that that made me feel like I had a second home and somewhere I will always look at with fond memories.

Since graduating university and finishing his scholarship, Tom has trialled at several European clubs, including FC Dinamo and Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt.

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