FirstPoint USA Class of 2013: Peter McMenemy

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Peter McMenemy recently secured a soccer scholarship to Alderson Broaddus University, West Virginia, and will be heading out the the USA to begin his new life as a student-athlete in the coming weeks. We caught up with Peter to discuss how he's found being on the FirstPoint USA program, and what he's looking forward to most:
1. Hi Peter, congrats on securing your soccer scholarship! What are you looking forward to most about starting your student-athlete life in the U.S?
I am probably most looking forward to the fact that it is a new experience for me combining academics with sport which is a thing which isn't really available over here. Also the idea of living in America appeals to me as it is completely different lifestyle and attitude to life than in Scotland.
2. How have you been preparing for your time in the States?
I've been preparing myself by starting to change my diet and eating more healthy. Also changing my training program to make it more intense in preparation for my move.
3. What has been the highlight of your time on the FirstPoint USA program?
My highlight of the FirstPoint program would definitely be the Soccer Showcase in 2012 in London.
It was a great two days and gave the players a great opportunity to get noticed by US coaches.
The event ran really smoothly as well and was well organised which helped us as players.
4. Were you happy with the offers you received, and what made you choose your college in the end?
I was happy with the offers I received, I maybe would have liked more options but I can't complain. I chose AB University in West Virginia because it was ambitious, well run university and they really did all they could to convince me to join. Too good an offer to refuse!
5. Would you recommend FirstPoint USA?
Absolutely, they really do try their best to help their clients in any way possible and are always available for questions etc about various things in the process.
6. What advice would you have for anyone considering a sports scholarship to the USA?
It's a big decision to make and a big commitment financially so just take your time and weigh up the positives and negatives before deciding if it's the best thing for you as a person.

Wed like to thank Peter, and wish him the very best of luck in the USA!

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