The Best SAT Apps

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  SAT Question of the Day App More info: iTunes This app, created by the official SAT Collegeboard, gives you a question a day from all three sections of the SAT - Maths, Critial Reading, and Writing. You can store and revisit previous days/weeks Q & As and read explanations for every wrong answer. As this app is made by the makers of the SAT exam, you can trust that the questions you'll be getting are spot-on. This app is limited since you can only answer one SAT question per day, but its always good to practice with questions from the test maker.   Grockit SAT FlashCards More info: iTunes This free app includes practice SAT questions in an easy-to-use and appealing format. Explanations are provided for both correct and incorrect answer choices, and the app keeps track of your overall accuracy every time you study.   SAT: More Info: iTunes If you like being taught by a teacher rather than just reading material, this free app is for you. There are 175 SAT math concepts covered in video lessons of instructors. The video lessons are organized by concept, and the lessons are clear and thorough. SAT Up More Info: iTunes This app is currently ranked #16 in the iPhone under education and #8 for the iPad. They have a bigger following than even the official SAT app! It replaced the "Ace the SAT" app which was designed specifically for the math portion. SAT Up prepares you for every section on the SAT with detailed analytics, step-by-step explanations, and over 400 questions. It also gives you the standard formatted SAT score at the end of each quiz and even a percentile score for students entering the college of your choice, so you can estimate what you might achieve on the real deal and the competitiveness of your score, too.   iPredict More Info: iTunes Although this app is just a one-time use kinda deal, it's definitely worth the download! The app gauges your readiness level for the SAT based on 18 questions that you answer. After completion, you'll receive problem-solving strategies you need to review and SAT sections that could use more work. Truthfully, I'm not sure whether 18 questions can ascertain your future score in its entirety, but it certainly can give you a reference point for future prep.  

Good luck to everyone sitting their SAT exams soon!

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