Haydn Cahill, College In LA & Volleyball With Nicole Scherzinger!

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FirstPointUSA client Haydin Cahill kept us up to date with his college life in LA. Haydin is a Soccer player studying at Los Angeles Harbour college. When he's not on the football field or in class, you'll sometimes find him onHermosa beach playing beach volleyball with his new friend, Nicole Scherzinger! Read what Haydn has to say...     Okay, so an update on me is that I first moved to America on 28th August 2012 where I flew to New Jersey on a scholarship and now I'm living in California Long Beach studying at Los Angeles Harbor College after a successful year in NJ. I received close to 10 offers from all over Cali and around other States including New York, Virginia etc. Below is my thoughts on the American lifestyle... Let me start of by saying America College life is perfect is not experience that will pass as I grow older. This experience is once in a life time that I will be sure to share with my future family and keep with me for the rest of my life! The intensity is high, practice is long, weather is hot, classes are interesting, my dorm is big, friends over here are great and I live near all the big cities such as Hollywood, LA, Vegas, Venice and many more! My major is Physical Education and I'm hoping to take my career into teaching or physio therapy as well as trying to make it as far as I can go in soccer. I'm 21 years old, my birthday was on the 20th of this month (October), so spending my big 2-1 over here away from all my close family and friends was hard! However, California makes me happy. One day during a visit to the beach (Hermosa beach) my friends and i ended up bumping into Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat dolls singer and x-factor judge) We ended up hanging out with her and her friends all day playing volleyball!   My daily American College life involves waking up, going to class, soccer practice, recovery and finishing up by either relaxing at the beach, taking a dip in my own pool or travelling around California! My personal views on the American College life is simple... do it! All of the staff at FirstPointUSA were amazing and helped me through everything which got me where I wanted to be in life. Now I'm living the dream in California which I have always wanted. I'm enjoying every American College day as it passes. There is never a day where I wake up feeling sad, even though It is hard being an International from England due to home sickness. Yes I get homesick at times but knowing this is my life and I'm making everyone back home proud is a great feeling and keeps my head up. Being in the local newspaper back in my home town (Doncaster) many times has made me feel proud about living the American College life and my thoughts are strong on this lifestyle. The more you give, the more you get so get on your feet, step on that plane and fly to America! I travelled 19 hours to get here because my dedication and motivation is high. This is my 2nd year and already I don't want it to end. America College life is the best experience in my life. I strongly recommend it to those athletes wanting to do the same or similar.     Thank you to Haydn for keeping us up to date with his college life. Tell Nicole we all said hello (we're all very jealous!)  

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