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FPUSA soccer client Brooklyn Kerlin took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. You may remember Brooklyn from a previous interview, when she carried the Olympic flag at the London Olympics (see here) Brooklyn is enjoying life as a student athlete at Robert Morris University in Chicago, Illinois. How did you find out about FirstPoint and what made you apply? I always wanted to get a scholarship in America. Playing at a high level my whole life kept me motivated to do just this. Growing up I was able to see many girls get a scholarships to play overseas. I knew a few girls that had had good experiences with First Point so I chose this company to represent me also. And it was a good choice at that. What made you choose Robert Morris? Are you still glad you chose Robert Morris? Yes, I love it here, I live downtown Chicago right in the middle of the city, many people would dream to live where I spend my days. It is an exciting and beautiful city, very artistic as well as being surrounded by a number of other universities, big ones and small ones; there is always something to do here!I chose Robert Morris because of its location and women's soccer records in the NAIA division. Further to this I liked how the coach was very excited to get me to his school and extremely responsive. And of course the scholarship he was offering also had a big part in my choice.The last reason was because my eligibility would mean I would have to take one year out if I went to an NCAA college, which I finally decided I didn't want to do. How did you find the FirstPoint process? It was exciting and at times overwhelming. At times it was difficult to organize the number and different coaches emailing and calling. However it was fun to be wanted by many coaches, coaches that had a great interest in you and all saw a space for you in their team.   How has your life changed since you moved to the US? I have definitely grown up ALOT! I have learned that I am able to do things myself, being so far from my family really allowed me to see what type of person I am, as cliche as that sounds it really is true. You are able to see if you can handle different situations in a completely different environment. if you are able to live so far away from your home and friends? If you are able to sort out issues in another country yourself? The main thing that has changed is my level of independence, which I love! What stage are you currently at in your studies? What have you achieved since you moved to the USA? I am currently a Junior. Our team have successfully gone to nationals two years in a row, top 16 my first year and top 8 my second, I am currently in my third year currently in my third soccer season.I have managed to keep a 4.0 in my studies which is straight A's. For my associates I did Paralegal and was awarded a place in the national paralegal honor program. I have now decided to double major in accounting and business administration management.I just recently got through the fist internal interview for a renowned paid internship at PwC a huge accounting firm. So fingers crossed!   Do you have a favourite memory from your college career so far? (a goal, a memorable game or experience) Definitely my second year at Nationals, nationals is an amazing experience, its like a free holiday in some ways. Yes, its hard work but it is an experience I will never forget! We are located on the beach front, our view when we wake up is amazing and the atmosphere is memorable. The field that we play on is gorgeous it is honestly a pleasure to be a team that has been to nationals both years I have attended Robert Morris University.We became so close as a team because we stay together for a week fighting for every single win! We get treated like royalty, in regards to being fed and where we get to stay. Nationals has definitely been my favorite time in my career thus far. What has been the highlight of your time in the USA outside of soccer? Has got to be the night life after season, there has been too many great college parties I have attended. Going to places with what feels like the whole college and just having night after night of fun. I now know the city life is definitely something I have fallen in love with. How have you managed your time between academics/athletics/social life? It has not been easy, but you have to remember what your priorities are, first your academics then you athletics and once you have those two strands of your life on track your social life usually falls into place. I think in my career it has been a necessity to not waste time, when I feel like lounging around, I just tell myself to finish an assignment so I don't have to worry about it during preparation for a game bouncy castles for sale. Its a great atmosphere at my school where our sports are taken very seriously but during season we tend to go out after our game on Saturdays because we wont have any practice on Sundays. And those nights are always the best because everyone can let loose after a strenuous week of school work and sport. I have seen many incidents where people have to drop out because of bad grades so I feel the main factor of managing your time is making sure your priorities are in the correct order!   What are your plans when you graduate? I plan on using my OPT year and moving to LA or New York and working, I would love to get back into an agency and pursue acting as well as get a job at an accounting firm. I really cant telly you what my future holds after that, if I will find myself in a different state or back at home, but what this experience has taught me is that I can successfully live away from home and that I must take every opportunity that comes my way.   Do you have any advice for those considering a sports scholarship? Yes, when you arrive in America be open minded about everything try and be an extrovert, meet everyone and anyone because you really never know who your going to click with. Having great friends while you are in America will definitely make your time so much easier. Times when a phone call home doesn't suffice, a night in with your girls will definitely help. When your in such a unique situation your friends honestly become your family. Would you recommend FirstPoint USA? Yes, most definitely!  

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