An American Education - By Bethany Sharpe

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Despite an obvious focus on sporting and athletic achievement in modern American college life, it should be noted that the academic standard of these universities is also outstanding. Across the country, stunning campuses house educational facilities that inspire students in fields from psychology to modern art. [caption id="attachment_5158" align="alignnone" width="601"] source :[/caption] Arguably the biggest difference in studying in the US is the emphasis on peer learning. Unlike the UK, American universities favor student input, and they tend to stray away from the old fashioned lecturing seen in Britain. This means students are more engaged in subjects, and leads to a better, more concrete understanding. It can also be seen that American colleges are often much more technologically advanced with regard to research facilities, sport programs and classrooms meaning students studying in America can experience a better quality of higher education. For example, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) hosts world-renowned neuroscience facilities that have seen graduates move on to become major figures in global organizations. University lecturers in the US are often more connected in terms of business contacts, and it can be argued that the higher level of internships and even full time employment for graduates in the states confirms this. Stanford students are frequently seen interning for companies like Google, Snapchat and Microsoft, to name a few. The emphasis upon recreational life in American universities also makes a difference from British student life. In the US, the vast majority of colleges, from Ivy League schools to the smallest campuses, have substantial recreational facilities, allowing students to relax and enjoy down time. Take the University of North Dakota, where among quality classrooms and football pitches, you will find a newly built meditation room as well as traditional gym facilities, where the school emphasizes the link between a healthy body and a healthy mind. It is obvious that American colleges, while maintaining an excellent track record of athletic achievement and champions in sport, are also pursuing the best level of education and academic opportunity for their students and graduates.  

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