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St Joseph’s College is situated in Rensselaer, Indiana. After being founded in 1889 as a school to educate the Native American community of the state, it has survived a devastating fire in 1973, to develop into what the Princeton Review dubs “the best Midwestern College.”

 St Joseph’s College, or St Joe’s as it is known locally, is unique in the way in which it uses the nationally recognized Core Program, which offers students a selection of core classes ranging from history and literature, to natural science.  The college operates on a significantly small scale, with only 1,148 students currently enrolled. This can easily be seen as a benefit, as students are usually in smaller classes, with more of an opportunity to build relationships with teachers.

Aside from their academic life, St Joseph’s also showcases various successful sports teams, all sharing their school mascot of the Puma. In terms of football, their team has won the Great Valley Lakes Conference Football Championship three times, in 2005, 2006 and 2009. Also, among their alumni is John McGarry, an NFL player who was part of the Green Bay Packers team in the 1987 season, and for 30 years, between 1944 and 1974, the college was used as a training ground for NFL team the Chicago Bears. St Joseph’s also boasts beautiful scenery around the campus, including a private recreational lake, and unique architecture.  Drexel Hall is one of the oldest buildings on the campus, and has recently been renovated to its original, historic appearance. The Chapel is also easily recognizable on campus for its Romanesque-style and reflecting pond. It is a major part of the college, which strives to uphold its core, Roman Catholic values, and key religious events are frequently held there. Finally, it should be noted that St Joseph’s has recently undergone massive renovations in order to ensure that its student body receive access to the best quality possible. Specifically in the athletic field, the school has ploughed millions of dollars into updating their sports department. Their Alumni Stadium (previously named St Joseph’s Field) now sits 4,000. Also, the college’s softball field has undergone several renovations in recent years, including the addition of a new scoreboard and dugouts. FirstPointUSA clients heading out to St Joseph's this year include Sam Pedersen, Geoff Wylie, Charlie Mann, Kieran Maule, Lewis Murray where they will join our clients Adam Whybrow and James Gillespie who have already enjoyed their first year.

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