Congratulations William Newton!

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  1. Where are you from and what's your sporting background?
I live in a small town named Melton Mowbray in the Leicestershire area. Having an attraction to sport and naturally being very competitive at a young age, it enticed me into getting involved into as many sports as I possibly could - football was what I enjoyed the most, and I started to pursue this as my main sport at the age of 5/6. As my father had a good career in football, having trials for Notts County and playing for Luton Schoolboys he had plenty of experience and was my coach in many ways. He pushed me to my limits every session and would mentor me during matches; this resulted in my game improving drastically and allowed me to move on from my local team, Melton Foxes where I played at for 7 years. I then ventured out to Leicester where I competed in the highest regional levels, which led to me being invited to trials for Leicester City and the chance to represent my county of Leicestershire. At the age of 15 I joined Oadby Owls, one the best teams for my age group and in Leicestershire. During this season the team played in the year above, allowing me to grow physically and tactically. After a successful season at Oadby, I moved back to my local area to play for Asfordby Amateurs Under 18's when I was 16, this again allowed me to gain experience in a variety of different leagues and teams which improved my games in all aspects.  
  1. Why have you decided to attend a Universityin the States?
I decided to attend a University in the States due to the fact that I didn't want to stop playing football - as it has been such a big part of my life for so many years, it wouldn't feel right to stop. Additionally with the childhood dream of playing football for a living, the universities collegiate sports system brings me one step closer to achieving that dream. I also take my academics seriously and have the ambition to succeed, therefore the combination of earning a degree and playing football everyday is an opportunity too great to turn down.  
  1. What were the key factors that impacted your decision to choose Harcum College?
It was a difficult decision to choose Harcum College, I had around 15 offers from different universities that were interested in me - however I wanted to choose the perfect university and some didn't tick all of the boxes. I wanted to be particular about the University that I chose due to the fact that I would be spending 4 years of my life there and I wanted it to be perfect. My dream was to go to Temple University, I was in the process of talking to them and they provided me with an offer, unfortunately my SAT scores weren't high enough to go there directly, therefore one of the coaches at Temple said that they would place me at a local university that they are in collaboration with (Harcum College) so that they can monitor my progress both in the classroom and on the pitch so that I could eventually transfer to Temple - don't get me wrong, Harcum College is an amazing university and I am very excited to go there, as they are a small school it allows me to get a more personal experience with teachers so that I can maximise my potential - they also provide a good course in business management which is my desired degree. Plus the soccer team is D1 standard which is an essential factor to me, as I want to play at the highest standard that I possibly can. Harcum offered me a full scholarship and it was difficult to turn down, as they would provide me with everything I needed to succeed in my academics and sports. Another key factor that impacted my decision to choose Harcum is that they also made me feel valued and wanted which made their university even more appealing as they want me to do well plus it allows me to get one step closer to achieving my dream of attending Temple University.  
  1. How excited are you to spend the next few years in the States?
I am very excited to be spending the new few years in the States, although the thought of leaving everything behind is daunting, the experience will be incredible! Getting to experience a different country and their culture, along with doing what I love everyday seems unreal that I am actually going to do it. Also the opportunities and doors that will open out in the States for me, makes me even more excited to find out what the future holds.  
  1. How did you find the scholarship process?
The scholarship process has been a rollercoaster ride, one minute you're sky high and the next you hit rock bottom - its been emotional but it has been worth it. Some things have been difficult and frustrating during the process but I wasn't expecting the process to be an easy ride nor problem free. Michael Tuohy has been through the process along side with me and he has been very good in what he has done for me, regarding replying to emails and providing me with important information and I thank him for this. For those coming into the process, I would say be prepared for anything to happen! I have experienced coaches wanting to sign me one day and the next they have changed their mind and the offer has been called off. So be prepared for set backs, keep pushing and eventually it will come off. Also be patient, offers won't come all at once, and when they do don't panic and jump at the first one. Keep in contact with the coaches and wait until you find the perfect University for you.

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