Ben Bouchier - First Year at Webber International

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  1. Can you tellus a bit about your sporting background pre-scholarship?
I have played football ever since I could walk; I had played at relatively high standard with Duns East of Scotland team!  
  1. Were you happy with the Collegeoffers you received and what made you choose? Webber International University?
I was extremely delighted with the amount of offers I received in total, I think received over 10 offers, which was fantastic! I chose Webber primarily due to its location, however coach mentioned that there was a few boys already from Scotland including himself and his coaching team. I believed this would help me settle in quicker    
  1. Whats been the highlight of your first year in the States?
Highlight of the year was winning the crooked lake cup and spring break, and all the fantastic people who I have made friends with.  
  1. What are the facilities like at Webber International University?
The facilities are decent, they have just put improvements into their field and are continually doing so, and they have their own gym as well so I can't complain!  
  1. How does the focus on college athletics compare in the US to the UK?
The focus is on your study across here compared to the Uk, however you are basically a full time athlete also, you train at least once every day, and in season twice a day sometimes!    
  1. Have you had any opportunities or plans to make any money while in the US ?(student/weekend jobs or coaching etc)?
I had thought about getting a job, however I don't think I could fit it in to my already busy schedule!  
  1. How have you managed your time between studying/training/socializing?
It's quite easy; just have to keep checking when your classes, training and when homework is due.?  
  1. Would you recommendFirstPointUSA?
Of course I would recommend first point USA to anyone thinking about going across to participate in a sporting scholarship! They've been nothing but a great help!  

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