Congratulations Jamie Berrisford!

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  1. Where are you from and what's your sporting background?
I am from Stonehaven, a small seaside townjust south of Aberdeen.I started playing rugby when I was 5 with Mackie academy FPRFC and stayed them until age 12 when we joined with Ellon RFC (another local club) and played with the joined clubs for a season. After the team was disbanded, I joined Ellon RFC and we entered the "Les Medi" vales provins, France 2011 where we made the final. After my first season at u16s with Ellon I decided to move back to mackie for a further 2 seasons. Whilst in my second season at Under 18s I moved down to Edinburgh to take part in the rugby performance course at Telford College. Whilst at college in Edinburgh I started playing for Stewart's Melville RFC and in my second season with them I made the 1st XV, which I was very pleased about.
  1. Why have you decided to attend a Universityin the States?
I really wanted to experience rugby in a different country and being able to do so and study was the perfect opportunity, I've heard a lot about university in the states and wanted to experience it first hand. I also seen how professional and dedicated they are to their sports and that was something I wanted to be part of.
  1. What were the key factors that impacted your decision to choose Life University?
Life has one of the best rugby programmes in the country playing at a pretty high level. Life was always the university I had in mind but I never thought they'd be interested in signing me but when they got in contact with me I couldn't believe it! It was pretty much a no brainier! I also looked up they're academic choices and some of the courses were along the same lines as what I wanted to study so it seemed like the perfect place to go.
  1. How excited are you to spend the next few years in the States?
On a scale of 1 to 10 I would probably have to say a strong 12, so yeah I'm pretty excited!
  1. How did you find the scholarship process?
So far pretty good, as long you keep on top of things it shouldn't get too much! I'm currently going through the visa process and it's a bit time consuming but it will be well worth it.  

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