Congratulations Steven McAra!

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  1. Where are you from and what's your sporting background?
I am from Kirkintilloch, which is 7 miles outside of Glasgow town centre. I have played football for many Junior League football teams from 2005 - 2015; I also was involved with my primary school football team. 7 a side league games on a weekly basis. I also enjoy watching football on the TV or going to games to support my team.  
  1. Why have you decided to attend a Universityin the States?
It is a fantastic opportunity to not only see another part of the world but after researching SUNY Broome and speaking with Chris Riley I was impressed by the high level of demand put on students to achieve there grades. Along with continuing my academic work I get to play the sport I enjoy on a weekly basis.  
  1. What were the key factors that impacted your decision to choose SUNY Broome Community College?
There are many key factors including the size of the Campus, which you reside in, other sporting events, which accommodate all athletes. As above, the demand instilled into students to achieve their grades. Also, its in New York!  
  1. How excited are you to spend the next few years in the States?
I have never been to America before so the thought of me spending the next few years out there is a dream come true and I am looking forward to the challenge of being a student athlete and all the expectations that come with it. I want to work hard and gain credits to allow me to continue playing football and perhaps one day in the future I can be an international credit.  
  1. How did you find the scholarship process?
Everything about the processhas run smoothly and has been great. Slightly stressful at times but I expected that regarding waiting on offers and hopingI would impress during the client games. Firstpoint has been very helpful andalways happy to answer any questions I mayhave had throughout the process, which made a massive difference in getting things done in a quick manner.  

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