My Time At FirstPointUSA - Rory Cleat (Media Intern)

5 min read
I began my summer internship in the media-marketing department of FirstPointUSA on the 23rd of May and Im sad to say that Im finishing today, on the 15th of July. These eight weeks have absolutely flown by and Ive had a very enjoyable experience within and out with the office. From the very first day everyone in the office has made me feel welcome and Ive have loved being with these people and getting to know them over the duration of my time. Ever since the start, Andrew and Allen have kept me very busy with an array of tasks and jobs in the media marketing side of things. Under this heading, I have been learning about how to promote and advertise FirstPointUSA on social media, how to use and manage the Google AdWords campaign, how to keep constant communication with clients through emails and phone calls and how to research American college sports news stories and how to turn it these a blog. It is very important for us to display the success and stories of previous FirstPoint clients because this often intrigues and influences others to sign up for a scholarship to the States. A lot of my time was put towards communicating with newly joined athletes, athletes who have just accepted their college offer and athletes out in the States who had just completed their freshman year. I was also given the task to manage FirstPoints twitter followers, which has given me an insight about how to reach people globally and how to market the company to people who have an interest in sport. Those were the kinds of jobs Id get up to in the office but also Andrew very kindly took me places outside the office; Dublin twice, London twice and Manchester once. I was grateful to be taken to Dublin and London to watch soccer and rugby trials and for John and Sim to take me under their wing. The Ireland trials were held at The University College of Dublin, a lovely looking campus with an American college vibe to it. Id help out pump up the balls and sort out the bibs into number and colour while John, Sim and Andrew would register and present to the trialists about the next stage and the scholarship process. Both times I watched the trials I was impressed with the talent and I enjoyed being involved in organizing the boys so that the day ran smoothly. After the successful day at UCD, where else to finish up but the Elephant and Castle in the Temple bar area with a plate of wings! The London trials were held at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, a lovely part on the outskirts of London. Another day out was when The Media Marketing Team; Allen, Billy, Ryan and myself went down to Manchester for a meeting with a company that manages FirstPoints re-branding that is still currently under way. FirstPoint are going through an exciting time of changing their logo and website as well as many other parts of the company and Im very glad to have been working with FirstPoint during this process. On another occasion, Andrew wanted me to sit in on a meeting with Fulham Football Club in London. I really appreciate Andrew bringing me to see what a real life meeting situation would be like and I found it interesting learning about the way that meetings are constructed as well as the negotiation aspect. However, I sometimes wonder if Andrew only brought me along to get the coffees! But jokes a side, I found the trip very informative and Andrew looked after me very well in treating me to a steak after at the St. Katherine Docks. All in all, for the future, I will take everything Ive learned and try and put it to good use. This work experience is very helpful for the CV and along side that Ive got some pocket money for my month long Inter railing trip in Europe in the next few weeks! After that, Im back at Heriot-Watt, starting 2nd year of Business with Marketing and Im looking forward to that. However, Id really like to emphasize how thankful I am for receiving this internship, Ive had a great time with everyone in the office and Ill miss them all as they were all such great company. Id like to give special thanks to Andrew Kean for giving me this opportunity and for going out of his way to take me on business trips. Also big thanks to Allen McDougall for guiding me through my time at FirstPoint. FirstPointUSA is a fantastic company and I have learned so much from working here over summer. Im also very happy to be one of the few that hasnt been "grannied" (loss of 10-0) on the Fussball table! From day one I have loved the unique atmosphere in the office and being surrounded by great people, so this is my final thank you and farewell!   We'd like to wish Rory all the best for the future and thank him for all his efforts!  

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