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22-Sep-2016 | 2 min read

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We'd like to welcome Jack Shaddick to FirstPointUSA! Jack is a rugby player from the valleys in South Wales. jack took some time out of his busy schedule to give us his thoughts on what the future as a student athlete holds. I am from Pontypridd which is on the edge of the valleys in South Wales. I previously played football until I was 15 years old, until I was asked to play rugby for my school and have played ever since. I was selected to play in the district team in my first season then following on from that I represented the Cardiff Blues under 16s. I am now currently in Coleg Y Cymoedd and play for their rugby team, and last year we won the Welsh under 18s league and the British under 19s cup. I also represented Wales colleges in sevens rugby. I attended Pontypridd High School until I finished my GCSEs and I am now attending Coleg Y Cymoedd and am in my second year studying BTEC level 3 sport.  I want to study in the states as I want to continue my education and to also continue to play rugby at a great standard. I also believe that there are more opportunities in the states and I have always wanted to study and play overseas. The things I'm most looking forward to are being studying in a different country and playing in a different environment. I also am looking forward to the progress I can make in my overall game as I believe that the states can be a big opportunity for me in furthering my career in sport. Many thanks to Jack for taking the time to talk to us, we look forward to working with him and his family!

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