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1.      Where you are from?  Hyndland, Glasgow 2.      Your sporting background?  ·         Played competitive rugby for The Glasgow Academy (TGA) for 5 years to the age of 15 (captain for last 2 years) ·         Played competitive tennis for both TGA (until now) and Western Tennis Club for 5 years (until 2015) ·         Now playing competitive field hockey for TGA ·         Achieved full marks in the performance element of National 5 PE ·         Achieved 128, the 2nd highest score  in my year group, for the “Leger test” (a test of cardio ability & stamina) ·         Golf – Started golf in 2013, (when I first joined Glasgow G.C) and got my first handicap of 33. Over the last three years up till now, I have developed my ability and performed to a higher level, reaching a handicap of 6 (current handicap), with no formal coaching. ·         Golfing success – 2nd in ISGA National Plate Finals 2014 (The Shire, London), both individually and team. 2nd in ISGA Scottish Open 2015 (Kings Acre G.C) (net score - 67) Winner of junior singles championship 2014 (handicap) at Glasgow G.C. Qualified no.1 for Browning Trophy 2016 (Glasgow G.C junior scratch club championship) with rounds of 70 and 74 (+4 over two rounds). 3.      Your previous education? Attended The Glasgow Academy from age 4 until now.  Have recently sat 8 National 5s (Maths, English, French, Physics, Chemistry, Modern Studies, Accounting and PE).  Results in August – my final school report predicted 8 As – so fingers crossed. 4.      What makes you want to go and study in the States? Our family holidays every year for the last 12 years have been to the USA.  I have visited a handful of states and I love the positive attitude to sports, to winning, to competing – something I don’t think we really have here.  There is also blue sky in the USA – something we definitely don’t see often in Scotland.  I love that sport is taken so seriously in the USA.  Going to University in Scotland means giving up competitive sport for most people. Attended the 2015 Masters at Augusta – I was hooked and have been thinking about golf in the USA ever since. (and I can also name the 50 states !) 5.      What are you looking forward to the most about training and studying in the States? ·         The thing I am looking forward to the most is being coached and trained as part of a group and playing in a competitive team. To date I have only experienced golf within a team on a couple of occasions (for school & occasional club team matches) due to low number of junior Scottish golfers. ·         Having the opportunity to travel all around America playing different teams, universities and competitions. ·         Being able to play in good weather conditions as the weather in Scotland is not good enough to play golf all year round, which limits the opportunity for match and medal practice. ·         Being surrounded by people who offer academic and sporting achievement side by side, because college sport is taken so seriously– currently in Scotland you can only pursue one or the other.  

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