URG Into The Finals & Trial Updates

1 min read
Following on from some terrific news over the past few weeks in regards to current FirstPoint USA Athletes, Ben Mendoza helped his Rio Grande side secure a spot in the RSC Finals with a goal to end the game 6-1! This was followed up with Rio Grande winning 2-1 over West Virginia University-Tech on Saturday night, in the championship game. The top-seeded RedStorm, who entered play ranked No. 3 nationally, improved to 18-1-1 with the victory, while earning an automatic bid to the NAIA National Tournament as the RSC champion in the process. Some exciting news coming out of FirstPoint USA over the past few days is a huge selection of trials have been made available to anyone with an interest in following Ben, and our other #FirstPointAthletes paths! Belfast, Manchester, Glasgow, London, Dublin, Newcastle and Edinburgh are all going to be home to our soccer and rugby assessment days throughout late November and December.

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