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The Cardiff born soccer player mentions the rise of the sport in the States as a big part of the reason he wants to be out there on a Soccer Scholarship and start playing. With the MLS growing substantially with gross viewership at around the 30 million mark, up from 15 million in 2013, it is clear to see that the sport is on the up out there.

" The reputation for university study in America in renowned worldwide and being able to gain a degree from a university here as well as being able to excel at my sport is very exciting. The opportunity to experience new cultures and new approaches in both academic delivery and sporting achievements is such an opportunity for my future career"

Those are some determined and wise words by Iwan Mooney has recently got on board with FirstPoint USA!

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When asked about his sporting inspirations, Iwan listed the Barcelona and Argentinian forward Lionel Messi, Welsh Rugby Union player Catrin Edwards and Brazilian icon Ronaldinho.

"Lionel Messi has become the best in the game using skills and determination and has shown the world that size is not everything. Catrin Edwards is an international Welsh, captain of the Welsh ladies team and also a full time PE teacher at my former school. She has shown me how I can achieve success in both education and sport. Finally there is Ronaldinho. He has shown me how to be skillful and most importantly how to enjoy yourself in every sport you play"

Iwan has an impressive CV in terms of sporting success and silverware in almost every single year he has played in Wales! We are sure Iwan will succeed once he makes it to the States!

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