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Theres been an influx of talented sportsmen and women recently at FirstPoint USA looking forward to their various sport scholarships! Gateshead Tyne and Wear rugby star Matthew Cooper has come on board with aspirations to play the sport he loves out in the States and get himself a degree with it just live lots of our athletes have in recent years. Matthew, who recently captained his U17 and U18 side talked to us about his sporting icon Johnny Wilkinson

Johnny changed the way rugby was played at fly half with his kicking skills as well as his love for a good tackle. This meant that England could base a specific type of rugby around him which led to us winning the World Cup in 2003. Just a fantastic player

In 10 years time, I hope to see myself playing professional or semi-professional football in either the UK or in America and if that didnt happen I would hope to work as an engineer in motorsport

Those are the ambitions of Ben Mawby from Leicester to aims to hit the heights in the states like several of our athletes have done in recent seasons. Ben, who has been playing at a good level from a young age also had solid ambitions off the field with a career in engineering as a possibility which is more than possible with the choices of courses on offer in the States.

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When we spoke to Ben he told us all about his sporting icons...

"There's Jamie Vardy (Who was a FirstPoint Client) obviously. As a Leicester City fan, Vardy's incredible transformation from non-league to Premier League Champion has been amazing.. David Beckham is also a great role model. From a young age I completed school projects on him, read his book and watched videos of his free kicks on YouTube. It inspired me to work hard from a young age. Finally there's Cristiano Ronaldo. His incredible work ethic, courage and passion are inspirational"

Daniel Peters from Kingswood on the outskirts of Bristol also has ambitions of playing rugby in the States.

"I feel that this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to thrive and grow as a person. I want to study and participate in a culture that is passionate, positive and upbeat and I feel that studying in the USA will give me this. Although I love my country, I have to work hard to achieve the grades that I have reached so far but due to the current educational system, students like myself often get overlooked"

Sounds like one of our sports scholarships is perfect for Daniel!

With the vast amount of course options in the States, we know that Daniel will find something that suits him perfectly and allows him to continue developing in the sport that he loves. Daniel is currently preparing for a work place within the IT Department for the Department of Transport which we wish him all the best with!

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