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Soccer player, Amelia Thompson, comes from Newcastle upon Tyne and we are pleased to welcome her to the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Amelia has attended a three-tier education system here in the UK attending Appletree Gardens First School, Monkseaton Middle School, and Monkseaton High School, where she is currently enrolled for sixth form.

Amelia began playing soccer at the age of four, and began playing competitively at the age of seven when she joined Forest Hall Junior FC. Amelia continued to play at Forest Hall FC until the age of 15. At 15 Amelia moved to Westmoor to play, alongside her team and coach, as the facilities and services offered there were able to further develop their soccer skills. However, as well as this, at the age of 12, Amelia joined the Newcastle Development Football Club where she played for two years. Throughout this time, Amelia, alongside her team, participated in tournaments against other development and academy teams where they saw many successes. Amelia told us her favourite personal sporting experience to date was being awarded the captains badge at the age of 9 and holding onto it ever since. However, she notes her best experience as a team to be coming back from a downwards spiral in 2012, and winning the shield.

Amelia told us that going to the US for university is something that she has been wanting to pursue for a number of years now. Stating that facilities and services available in the states are of a much higher level than at home, not to mention the increased levels of support athletes get from their coaches, supporters and colleges. Amelia also told us, that by playing in the US, she will have the opportunity to develop her soccer career further than playing with UK universities. Amelia also said, that from watching them on TV, the USA International Ladies Football Team has recently inspired her. They play at an incredible level in all of their matches and have reached great achievements, which highlighted to Amelia that the routines in the states are more efficient and successful than in comparison to other countries.

With regards to studying in the US, Amelia is most looking forward to being an athlete out there and experiencing the diversity and cultural differences that will expand both her knowledge and life experiences; as well as giving Amelia the chance to expand her football knowledge. Furthermore, Amelia is looking forward to the experiencing the family-like aspect that US athletes have team members always there for, and supporting one another.

We asked Amelia who her top three sportspeople are, and she had this to say

Firstly, Lionel Messi is very inspiring for me as I have watched him since a very young age. His technique on the ball looks as if its second nature; also his respect for his teammates and generosity is very inspiring. As during matches even if he knows he can dribble past the opponents and score he would rather pass to his teammate who are in a better position to score rather than score the goal needed for him to have a hat trick. This shows that he isn't just a great individual soccer player but a great addition to the team.

Secondly, I would say, Jill Scott, the soccerplayer for Manchester City and England Women's SoccerTeams. This is because her dedication and resilience whilst on the pitch during soccer is very inspiring - as she will never give up trying especially when her team has lost possession. As well as on, off the pitch Jill is very humble and enthusiastic both about football and how to become a better soccer player; something I learnt during a soccersession with her.

Finally, Nicola Adams the British Female Boxer. Her achievements within the past few years has been influential; the first woman to win an Olympic Gold boxing title, a nominee for the BBCs personality of the year, awarded Glamour Award for W Channel Sports Woman. She achieved all of this due to her dedication and love for the sport and it showed me that with the right mind focus you could achieve a lot.

Finally, we asked Amelia where she sees herself being in 10 years time. She told us she hopes to be a successful businesswoman with her own, internationally expanding, company. In addition to having a social enterprise or providing support for the vulnerable and less fortunate.

Wed like to wish Amelia the best of luck, and we will keep you updated on her ventures through our many social media platforms.

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