Former Client and UM Student Athlete - Maisie Baker

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Former FirstPoint USA client, Maisie Baker, has recently completed her second year at the University of Miami where she received a soccer scholarship. Recently, the student athlete�took some time out to tell us about her time out in the states and some of her sporting highlights from playing with the University of Miami's, Hurricanes.

Originally from Redditch, England, Maisie attended St. Benedict�s High School. At the age of eleven, she began playing for Aston Villa�s youth programme and became a member of Aston Villa�s full ladies side in 2014. Additionally, Maisie was also a player for the Englad U19�s team in 2015, playing against both Norway and France. It was shortly after this that Maisie set off for the University of Miami.

Maisie told us that she is having the best and most exciting time so far out in Miami. Telling us that the highlight of her second year was scoring in their 1-0 win against FIU. It was the last game of the spring season, and the Hurricane�s had previously lost to FIU in the preseason, making their win that little bit more special. As a team, Maisie tells us that the Hurricane�s made the ACC tournament for the first time in four years, which was their greatest achievement this year.

With regards to the facilities at UM, Maisie told us�

�The facilities are�absolutely amazing. They are�like any top professional sports teams facilities, in some cases I would say they are more impressive than some professional teams in England.�

Now in her sophomore year, we asked Maisie if there was a big jump from playing soccer as a freshman. Maisie stated, that throughout this year she has felt far more comfortable with her team. There wasn�t much of a jump with regard to playing, but she has found she has really been able to enjoy playing with a team she has gotten to know so well.

The life of a student athlete is a busy one so we asked Maisie how she was getting on juggling studying, training, and socialising�

�I am constantly busy whether it is�studying, training or�socialising, but I am a person who enjoys being busy so that's good for me. Also, being friends with people who have the same demands, of training and having to study, we all help and encourage each other.�

Finally, for anyone that may be considering a sports scholarship to US, Maisie said, �Definitely go for it!� She also noted that, from traveling to soccer games, she has seen a lot of university campuses, and they are all different. Making sure you explore the campus, and can envision�yourself living there for the next four years, was some further advice from Maisie.

We�d like to thank Maisie for taking some time to tell us about her experiences playing with the Hurricane�s at the University of Miami, and we wish her the best of luck in the rest of her playing and studies there.

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