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New to the ranks at FirstPoint USA is rugby player, Joe Callery. Joe is looking to head out to the USA on a rugby scholarship; here he tells us some more about himself, why he is keen to study in the states, and what he is most looking forward to out there.

Joe hails from the village of Mountsorrel, near Loughbourough and currently attends Loughborough Grammar School. Joe has played rugby since the age of four, and still plays for the same team to date, Leicester Forest. Throughout his time at the club, Joe tells us that in 2016, he and his team won the National U17 Plate, and in 2017 won the U17 County Cup; great achievements for both Joe and his club.

To find out a bit more about our clients, we often ask them who their top three sportspeople of all time are; Joe had this to say

Wayne Rooney - mostly because he was the first person I looked up to as a child, I was into football and he was amazing, and still is in my opinion. With all of his accolades, even though I don't follow football anymore, it's still nice to see him doing well and playing at such a high level for such a long amount of time.Paul O'Connell - with a lot of my Irish family from Munster, I've always supported them and growing up with Paul O'Connell was great, he was such a legend of the game and all the stories that people have of him just escalated his standing. His commitment to Ireland until the end [of his career] was great and it was always a shock to see him not in a lineup as well as all the trophies that he has won.Lewis Hamilton - as a fan of Formula 1 from Britain, it's kind of easy, with plenty of world champions to choose from, but with Hamilton, he's always been there with my love of the sport, his debut season almost brilliant made it so much better when he won the Drivers championship in such a fashion for his first time, and he never stopped. Although the last few seasons haven't been easy he is still winning and has been so consistent.

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Joe tells us about his favourite sporting experience so far, years ago when he was playing at U8 level. Joe states he and his team had a tag tournament at Welford Road, and at half time that night, toured the pitch. Additionally, the Leicester Tigers won making that night even better, but Joe tell s us that walking around the stadium at the age of seven, with thousands of people there cheering on their team, is an amazing experience that he will never forget. However, Joe also noted that, whilst responding to us, he is only a few weeks away from a tour to Japan and Hong Kong, which is going to be amazing and may just become his new favourite sporting memory.

For his further education, Joe tells us that he has always been keen to study far away from home initially meaning a few hours drive away! But states that the opportunity to study in the US will offer a completely new adventure, and open up a number of personal opportunities for himself, both at home and abroad. Joe states that he is most looking forward to the professionalism of college sports out in the USA. As well as the opportunity to adapt to a new playing style, and joining a new team with players hes never met.

Finally, we asked Joe where he sees himself in 10 years time; he states he would still like to be playing rugby, whether that be at a high level or for a local club; and to be able to look back on his past experiences and to have no regrets.

We would like to wish Joe the best of luck and we will keep you updated on his scholarship process through our various social media platforms.

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