Cian Lynch - Committed to SCAD

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Congratulations to FirstPoint USA client, Cian Lynch, who has committed to a soccer scholarship at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Here, Cian tells us about his experiences of the scholarship process, why he chose to attend SCAD, and what he is most looking forward to upon beginning his life as a student athlete.

Cian tells us that he wished to attend a university in the US as, he felt that with the constant growth and development of soccer in the states, it would provide him with a good opportunity to progress as a player, while also earning his college degree.

Regarding the process of obtaining his scholarship, Cian tells us...

I found the scholarship process extremely quick and easy thanks to the help of the staff at FirstPoint USA. I felt that everyone I worked with were extremely friendly and helpful, and really helped to give any advice or answers I required. I am extremely grateful mostly to Kris ONeil, as he put a huge amount of time and work into helping me get this scholarship. I would highly recommend FirstPoint to anyone looking to gain a scholarship to the states.

When it came to choosing which school to attend in the US, Cian tells us that one of the main factors influencing his decision to attend SCAD was the mens soccer Head Coach, Darren Spong; and the other players that he was adding to the roster. Cian added, I felt that Darren was putting together a strong roster for the upcoming season and really wanted to push on and challenge the top teams. I felt that this would benefit me as a player, as Darren has a lot of experience and could help with my development as a player. Cian also noted that the Head Coach hails from England, and knowing that he is bringing over other players from the UK, Cian felt that this would help him to settle in easier, as there will be others experiencing the same as himself.

Upon beginning his life as a student athlete, Cian tells us that he is most looking forward to seeing how he develops as a player, as well as experiencing an entirely new environment. He stated, I think that moving so far from home to a new location will be tough, both mentally and physically, but I am looking forward to test myself in these new conditions. Im sure I will face a number of challenges along the way, and I am looking forward to seeing how I deal with, and overcome, these challenges. Adding, that over the past few years, Cian feels that he has really developed as a player, and so is looking forward to see what changes come over in the states.

Finally, we asked Cian where he sees himself being in 10 years time. He tells us that he hopes to be playing soccer at a professional level; stating, I believe that I have the ability and determination to achieve this, and hopefully my journey to the states can help me to achieve this goal.

Wed like to wish Cian the best of luck in both his studies and playing career at SCAD. We will keep you updated on his progress out in the states through our various social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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