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We recently caught up with former FirstPoint USA client, Scott Brown, who received a soccer scholarship from West Virginia University Institute of Technology. As a member of our Class of 2015, Scott is soon due to begin his junior year at WVU Tech. Here, Scott shares with us his experiences from his time in the states so far, and offers some advice for any prospective student athletes.

Scott tells us that he is thoroughly enjoying his time at WVU Tech so far, stating...

It was better in my second year, because I knew what I was going back to I was settled from the beginning of the year. It is a smaller campus so you get to know nearly everyone here, from students to staff. The majority of the faculty are welcoming and down to earth, which makes our time here at Tech much better.

WVU Tech has recently completed a campus transition, from Montgomery to Beckley. Scott tells us that the facilities at the old campus were dated, but everything is much more modern in the new campus and it boasts top facilities. Scott added, for soccer is has been a good move; we are right next to our home field and the soccer complex, which has 8 full size pitches to practice and play on.

We asked Scott if he felt there was a big jump from playing as a freshman to a sophomore...

I think for most British/European freshman, they realise they need to come back for sophomore year stronger and more physical. During my first summer off, I worked hard to get stronger to compete and last longer throughout games. Apart from that, it is still similar to your freshman year but, you have the advantage of already knowing the majority of your team and their playing styles.

Throughout his sophomore year, Scott tells us that his highlight has been reaching the quarter finals in the NAIA National Tournament. Scott adds that this was also his teams highlight for the year, stating that being part of the Elite Eight and finishing #6 in the country was the best season in the programs history.

We asked Scott how he has found managing his time between studying, training and socialising. He stated that he found the balance between the three far easier this time around as he was in his second year. Adding, after your first year you know your priorities and what needs to come first. After your training and studying is done, you then get the time to socialise.

Scott tells us that throughout this Summer he has had the opportunity to make some money whilst out in the states. He joined a coaching company and coached at British soccer camps in the East region of the USA. Adding, that he found this to be a great opportunity to teach kids, as well as meet new friends and families.

[caption id="attachment_11789" align="aligncenter" width="548"] The Paul Cline Memorial Sports Complex at WVU Tech[/caption]

Finally, we asked Scott if he had any advice for anyone considering a sports scholarship to the US...

100% do it! I have never looked back since and I have no regrets. Not many people get the chance to do it so go for it; it will be the best years of your life. One of the best things about it is I now have friends all over the world.

Wed like to thank Scott for taking some time out to catch up with us recently; its great to hear from former clients. Wed like to wish Scott the best of luck for the remainder of his studies and playing career at WVU Tech.

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