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Zack Beazley is the newest rugby player to join our ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Hailing from Oxford, Zack has lived most of his life in Erwarton, just on the outskirts of Ipswich. Zack attended high school at Holbrook Academy and was Head Boy for the duration of his Year 11. We recently caught up with Zack to hear about his sporting background, why he wishes to study in the US, and his aspirations for the future.

Zack tells us that he has been playing rugby since the age of 8. He began playing with Ipswich Rugby Club prior to moving to Ipswich YM Rugby Club. Zack tells us...

"Over the years, we [Ipswich YM Rugby Club] have been the most successful age group in the region, winning countless tournaments and festivals and playing at Welford Road, home of the Leicester Tigers, in the Prima Cup Final, 2010."

At the age of 13, Zack tells us that he was selected to join the Northampton Saints Academy and played for Suffolk on a number of occasions. Stating, "last year, our age group took part in the Dutch Beach Rugby Festival and won it. This was one of the highlights of my rugby playing life to date - a brilliant experience."

As well as rugby, Zack has also been a keen sailor since 2016. Zack is an Assistant Instructor at his local sailing club, supporting beginners and new sailors.

We asked Zack to tell us about his favourite sporting memory to date...

"My favourite memory would be the final game of the end of season festival 2016/17, playing against Colchester. Every time they kicked off, the ball came to me, and every time I ran at them with everything I had. I busted through 4 or 5 players before popping it to my buddies on my shoulder, the getting up and smashing the next ruck with full force, shortly followed by the try being scored and the festival being won.

My favourite experience would be playing at the Dutch Beach Rugby Festival at the Hook of Holland. We beat every team there and became the champions of the beach."

Zack tells us that there are a number of reasons why he wishes to study in the US. Some key factors being the culture, the proud diversity, and the vast array of opportunities. As well as, the ideology that anyone from anywhere is able to achieve greatness, no matter where you're from or how you speak.

Upon beginning life as a student athlete, Zack tells us that he is most looking forward a complete change in lifestyle, the opportunity to meet new people, the competitiveness of collegiate sport, and experiencing the college or university community.

To find out a bit more about our clients, we often ask them to tell us about their top sportspeople of all time. Here's what Zack had to say...

"Connor McGregor - although he's a slightly controversial figure, his determination and 'never back down' attitude to overcome challenges and his opponents, really sticks out in my eyes. His sheer self-belief in not giving up and standing strong in the face of danger.

Muhammad Ali - he's an influence on me as his attitude and athletic prowess is how I try to model myself. Also, his courage and efforts in bringing people together in unity when it was needed most.

Johnny Wilkinson - he proved to me that no matter how big or small you are; you can still hit with a force much greater than meets the eye. That through sustained discipline, courage and hard work, greatness can be achieved. This was shown when England won the Rugby World Cup in 2003 with his iconic last minute drop goal."

Finally, we asked Zack where he sees himself being in 10 years time. He stated...

"This was a hard one for me as I've been asked many it many times and have never had an answer. But I have thought long and hard about my response to this final question. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Ideally, playing rugby at a semi-professional or professional level somewhere in the world. But if not, I see myself serving in the Army of Fire Service."

We'd like to thank Zack for catching up with us, and wish him the best of luck for throughout his scholarship process. We will keep you updated on Zack's progress through our various social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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