The Greatest Truths About Being a Student-Athlete

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The years you spend at college really are some of the best years of your life. Being a student-athlete can provide you with a very different college experience to that of a regular student, but nothing can compare to the rush and excitement you get from playing college sport. Although you can go through some tough times as a student-athlete, they dont equate at all to the countless memories you create throughout those four years of playing sports.

1. Youll meet some of the closest friends youll ever have

The relationships that you create through that time on the playing field are unlike any other bond you will ever have in life. That type of camaraderie cannot be forged and the friends you make through sports really will be with you for a lifetime.

2. Youll think about quitting several times, but you wont

Between the treacherous workouts, and the coaches constantly yelling, being a student-athlete is definitely not an easy route. However, having a strong support system will help you to stick it out. In the end, youll realise that years of being a student-athlete will prepare you to handle anything and allow you to see that it takes time for good things to come; youll be glad you didnt leave your sport behind.

3. Youll go through some kind of major change thatll make you better

There will definitely be a time throughout your collegiate career when one of your teammates will transfer, someone on the coaching staff will depart, or you may go through a certain realisation process that completely changes you. At some point during your time as a student-athlete, you will have to go through a major adjustment or situation in which yourself or the team as a whole will be different in some type of way whether that be for the good or the bad. You will go through this experience, learn from it, and undoubtedly come out stronger at the end of it.

4. It will be hard to sacrifice, but itll be worth it

You will see your classmates going out, having fun, and going home for holidays. Youll be on campus before the school year starts and youll stay long after the majority of students leave. Youll have to give up any free time away from your sport to study or to go to the training room. It will be extremely hard to sacrifice the things you want to do for the things you have to do, but youll realise how much it was all worth it when youre celebrating at the end of a game with your teammates or holding that championship trophy at the end of the season.

5. It goes by in a flash and youll certainly miss it

Your time as a student-athlete will pass by extremely fast. Youll grow to see that you should have appreciated it a little more, and youll want to go back in time to relive some of the moments. Youll reminisce on the good times and even the bad ones to see that being a collegiate athlete made you who you are today. The student-athlete experience is one that youll value for the rest of your life.

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