WEsport - Official Soccer Scholarship Partner

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FirstPoint USA are delighted to announce their partnership with Chinese education consultancy, WEsport. Throughout this partnership, FirstPoint USA and WEsport will be hosting a series of sports events throughout Beijing and Shanghai, with the focus on identifying suitable student-athletes for American colleges and universities.

We are excited to announce our partnership with prominent Chinese education consultancy, WEsport, as their Official Soccer Scholarship Partner, stated FirstPoint USA founder and Chief Executive, Andrew Kean. The partnership will create a pathway for thousands of Chinese student-athletes into US collegiate sport, whilst increasing the reach of US coaches and Athletic Departments into the Chinese sports market and beyond.

WEsport is the very first authoritative platform in China to specialise in oversea student-athlete scouting and sports major study consultancy. Since its founding in 2015, WEsport has worked with hundreds of high-end clients. A number of WEsports staff have studied at American universities themselves throughout their education. Having already been through the US college experience, they are now keen to assist as many youngsters as possible to do the same.

I do believe having FirstPoint USA as our strategic partner will have a huge impact on the sporting industry in China. At WEsport, we are excited and very much looking forward to our partnership and collaboration with FirstPoint USA in the future, said Taozhi. Li, Founder of WEsport. There are more than 15,000 high school student-athletes ready to be enrolled into Chinese universities every year. At WEsport, we are following the General Administration of Sports direction, to develop international opportunities for young Chinese student-athletes and hopefully leading them to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and future.

As a full scholarship student-athlete throughout my collegiate years in the US, I have experienced the entire process. I certainly know how everything works out there and how many advantages I could seize, both academically and athletically. I would strongly recommend and encourage high school student-athletes to give themselves a chance to earn a scholarship, to experience an entirely different athletic atmosphere, and to learn some diverse knowledge within US universities, stated WEsports, Vicky Yu, a Bowling Green State University alum. I am also very excited about the collaboration with FirstPoint USA. There is no doubt that WEsport and FirstPoint USA will have a great partnership in the future.

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