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We recently caught up with FirstPoint USA client, Millie Hurt, the most recent lacrosse player to join the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Here, Millie shares with us, her sporting background, her reasons for wising to pursue a lacrosse scholarship in the US, as well as her plans for the future.

Hailing from Warrington, Cheshire, Millie is currently a pupil at Bolton School Girls Division. It was in in Year 7 at Bolton School that Millie first took up lacrosse. However, Millie tells us that she is very sporty and has completed; Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver, and is aiming to complete her Gold award too; and has represented her school in rounders, netball, athletics and lacrosse. Millie adds that, currently, she plays lacrosse for Brooklands U18, Lancashire U18 A Team, as well as the Wales U19 squad.

[caption id="attachment_12261" align="aligncenter" width="1500"] Millie will represent the Wales U19 squad at the championships.[/caption]

With an extensive playing career to her name so far, we asked Millie to tell us about her favourite sporting memory to date. She told us, this was when she was selected to play in the 2018U20s European Championship in Poland, representing the Wales U19 squad.

Millie tells us that she wished to pursue a sports scholarship in the US, as it will provide her with the opportunity to continue her education, as well as continue progressing within her lacrosse career. She hopes to attend a high level university in the States, and tells us, upon beginning her life as a student-athlete, she is most looking forward to the lacrosse, as that is her real passion.

We asked Millie to tell us about her top three sportspeople of all time. The lacrosse player stated, Jessica Ennis, Serena Williams, and Taylor Cummings, as the determination that all three have for their sports is truly an inspiration.

Finally, we asked Millie where she sees herself being in 10 years time. She tells us that she hopes to be a successful professional, living and working in New York City.

Wed like to thank Millie for catching up with us. Well keep you updated on Millies progress throughout the scholarship process across our various social media platforms;Facebook,Twitter,InstagramandLinkedIn.

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