Alex Townley - Committed to the University of Charleston

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We’re thrilled to announce that FirstPoint USA client, Alex Townley, has secured his place and is committed to the University of Charleston. Hailing from Brighton, the former Shoreham College and Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC) student will be joining the Golden Eagles Men’s Soccer roster this Fall.

Alex tells us that he has been playing soccer from a young age; he had many successful years of youth football, having been involved in a very elite setup. However, he tells us it was very stressful at such a young age, so he made the decision to give it up, and instead joined a team with his friends. After a few years, Alex tells us that he moved to Steyning Town FC, where he has been playing for the past three years. Alex adds, “It’s mostly due to Upper Beeding FC that I am where I am today as they gave me the opportunity to play first team football at 16, which developed me massively.”

With a lengthy sporting career behind him so far, we asked Alex to tell us about his favourite sporting experience to date. He stated, “My favourite footballing experience would have to be captaining Steyning Town FC to their highest ever league position, and leading a successful international tour in Malta.

Alex tells us that he loves the American way of life, so the opportunity to study and play in the States was a no-brainer. However, he notes, “It was a tough decision deciding to leave Steyning FC; although we’ve had a disappointing season this year, I have them heavily tipped for promotion next season and I would’ve loved to have been a part of that.”

Alex tells us, from the off, his family have been extremely supportive of the move and the opportunities it will provide him with. Securing a sports scholarship in the US can often be a lengthy, and sometimes confusing, process. Alex tells us that it’s been a bit of a weird one as he’s doing a lot of things that are different to all of his friends. However, he adds that there has always been plenty of support available to him, as and when he needs it.

Having now made his commitment to Charleston, we asked Alex how he knew this was the right school for him. He stated, “I chose UC because when I spoke to the coach, we had an instant click and I knew I’d enjoy playing for him; we were on the same wavelength about the game. Also, Charleston are the National Champions, so that’s hard to turn a blind eye to!”

Upon beginning his life as a Golden Eagle student-athlete, Alex tells us he’s most looking forward to the opportunities and the doors it will open up to him in the future; as well as the chance to really progress his soccer career.

Finally, we asked Alex where he sees himself being in 10 years’ time. He tells us that he hasn’t really thought about where he’ll be then. But hopefully, if all goes to plan, Alex hopes to be doing something sports or soccer related, maybe even staying out in the US to play.

We’d like to thank Alex for catching up with us. We’ll keep you updated on Alex's progress throughout the scholarship process across our various social media platforms; FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

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