Top Tips to Getting Better Grades in Class: Starting Today!

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Top Tips to Getting Better Grades in Class: Starting Today!

Whether life as a scholar-athlete became a little overwhelming, or you might not have prepared as well as you should have, the point is you need the grades!


If you’re finding yourself in a place where academically, you could be doing better, you need to start thinking about how to be a better student.


The better your grades – and SAT/ACT scores- the more schools can consider you.


Get better grades as a student-athlete by owning your situation.


Owning what’s going on with your grades is often one of the hardest parts of getting back on the right track. It can be scary to face reality. It can also be scary to face reality with your parents or coach. However, assessing the situation and facing it head on is going to be a vital first step.


Ask yourself what class is the problem and how bad is it?


Ask for help with your grades today.


Approach your teacher, explain how serious you are about improving your grade! It is also a smart move to ask about tutoring opportunities or extra help outside the classroom, this shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to get your grades up.

Change your seat.


It may sound silly, but where you sit in the classroom can impact results.


Move away from your friends...and stay away from the back row! Scholar-athletes often hear the importance of sitting front and centre, in fact in many colleges, coaches require this of their players and do regular check-ups on this. This eliminates distractions – and doing so without being told – will also send a message to your teacher.


If you have assigned seats, don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for a better searing option for you and why this will make a difference!


Lean on your teammates.


The beautiful part of being part of a team? There is always someone who is either in the same shoes or has been in a similar situation. Open up to your teammates and coach for advice and support.


Being a scholar-athlete has many advantages, one is a built-in support system. Don’t be afraid to use it, and then do the same for someone else who may need help in the future.

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