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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been major changes in the recruiting process. These changes influence how potential student-athletes interact and visit with future coaches and campuses, but there are creative ways for you to still meet with coaches and view a campus safely. 

The NCAA has suspended in-person recruiting through May 31st and college campuses have been closed, but you can still do it virtually. Many colleges provide virtual tours online, where you can guide yourself through the college campus and other colleges are allowing you to book a tour with a live host, who can guide you and answer any pressing questions you may have. 

You can also research the school and the surrounding areas to get a better feel for what life is like as a student there. Google search the university, read articles, blogs and find alumni testimonies. Find out what facilities are nearby to campus I.e grocery stores, restaurants.  

Talk to a current teammate or your coach. You can ask you, coach, to put you in contact with a current teammate which will help gain a better understanding of what it is exactly like being a student-athlete there. Ask your coach if he/she can meet with you face to face virtually. Hearing someones voice or seeing there face can help you get a better feel for their personality and ask important questions. 

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