How to stand out during a dead period

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How to stand out during the dead period

The NCAA has recently announced an extension of their suspension on all in-person recruiting for D1 sports until June 30th. When a coach is not allowed in-person contact with recruits or their families it is called a dead period. During this time coaches will not stop recruiting and can still contact via other means. E.g. Phone, email & video. 

College coaches look at a lot more than just athletic ability and academics when it comes to recruiting. They look at an athletes character, their actions on and off the field, how they interact with their peers and most importantly coach-ability. 

Here are 4 ways in which you can help you stand out to coaches during this dead period


During this time contact is key with potential coaches. You can schedule a call or even video call with coaches to show that you are interested. Show your initiative by contacting the coach first instead of waiting for them to contact you. Video calls will help to get your personality across better to prospective college coaches. Make sure to look presentable and be prepared for your call with any questions you may have. 

Social Media

All coaches will check your social media. That is why it is so important to check and vet all the content on your social channels and delete anything that could be detrimental to your application. Use your social media to your advantage. Post videos/pictures that showcase your talent for your chosen sport and also imagery that best shows your personality. 


Just like in applying for a job, references are important. References would be contact details of non-family members who can vouch for your character and work ethic. Coaches contact these people separately and it is a way for them to learn more about an athlete. 

Letters of recommendation

Similar to references, letters of recommendations are written by a non-family member who can confirm an athletes abilities. Instead of a phone call, it is a written statement which is more formal and goes into more detail. 

The best people to ask to be a reference or to write a letter fo recommendation are coaches, teachers, or even managers/supervisors you have from a part-time job or the club you are a member of.

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