NCAA extends in-person recruiting suspension

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The NCAA has announced the extension of their suspension on all in-person recruiting for D1 sports. The suspension has been extended until the 30th of June and all colleges have been encouraged to stop all campus visits. Coaches will not stop recruiting and can contact potential recruits via other means. E.g Phone, email & video. 

These changes are for Division 1 only. The NCAA has announced Division 2 will be allowed to conduct in-person recruiting but on-campus only. There has not been an update for Division 3 colleges. 

The NCAA will continue to consult with experts to determine what the safest next steps are. 

What is the difference between a dead period and a quiet period?

During a dead period, coaches are not allowed to have in-person contact with recruits or their families. A quiet period is when college coaches are not allowed to have in-person contact with recruits and their families outside of the college campus. During a quiet period, the coach is not allowed to watch the athlete compete or have any in-person interaction with them off-campus.

The NCAA have a designated section of their website with information on the impact of coronavirus.

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