Why college athletes are extremely hireable

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When athletes consider a sports scholarship it is usually for the end goal of playing full time in their chosen sport but what if after 4 years this dream doesn’t become a reality? Well, recent studies have indicated more and more business wish to hire scholar-athletes. This is due to the desirable character traits athletes have, along with their added discipline making them ideal candidates in the workplace.

There is no question that the experience of being a college athlete and balancing all that it requires helps to prepare every athlete for the working world. Here are just some of the character traits you gain as a student-athlete that makes companies want you as a prospective employee.

Work Ethic

Being a student-athlete is more than just representing your college in your chosen sport. You need to manage team practice, meetings, homework and competitions while all going to class. It can seem difficult but it is a clear indication of an athletes work ethic. All this requires tremendous amounts of time management and dedication. Any student-athlete that can perform in their sport while maintaining a good GPA is an excellent candidate for employment.


Mental toughness is something that comes with being an athlete. They have ups and downs but continue to work hard day in day out. Many athletes see failure as just a stepping stone to the end goal and use it as a motivation to improve. This characteristic proves to an employer that this person can be counted on under any set of circumstances. 

Team Players

The ability to work with others to achieve a common goal is instilled in student Athletes. They are coachable, respectful and understand the capabilities of working as a team breeds success. By the time college athletes graduate they have been a member of a team for more than half their life, making being a good teammate has become a habit. 

Achievement Orientated 

To obtain a sports scholarship takes a significant amount of talent and hard work. This achievement already proves dedication and this trait only continues through college. Scholar -athletes will set out goals for their season, year, week or even day. They will dedicate hours to their sport to achieve these goals, while still balancing school work. These attributes are extremely desirable in the workforce as they show the ability to focus on the task in hand.

These are only some of character traits and experience obtained by scholar-athletes in their 4 years of college. These traits can outweigh employment experience for some businesses as scholar-athletes can be a major asset to any company with the skills gained through playing their sport at college. 

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