How to email college coaches during the dead period

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Due to Covid-19 in-person recruiting has been suspended until July 31st for division 1, because of this coaches and athletes are communicating in other ways, especially via email. Here are our tips on how to send that first initial email and grab the attention of any coach. 

Subject line

The subject line is the first thing the coach sees when that email hits their inbox and with coaches receiving 100s of email a day it needs to stand out.

The subject line needs to be short and includes your name, where you are from, your position and a unique fact about you. The fact can be your scoring average, an achievement, an interesting stat, anything that you think makes you the perfect candidate. Make sure to keep the subject line under 50 characters as a lengthy subject line will be cut off. 

Body of the email

The body of the email should be split into three parts. 

The first part is the introduction and where you express why you are interested in playing for this college team. Make sure to be concise and show your knowledge of the college. You should always research any college/coach before you send the email. 

The next part is all the key information about you. Your name, graduation year, where you go to school. Then talk about your academics, GPA and include your SAT/ACT scores if you have them. Lastly in this section is about your sport, detailed stats, achievements and anything relevant that you think the coach should know. 

The final part is your contact information and request a call or video chat with the coach. 

Do not copy and paste

Make sure to personalise your email and avoiding copying and pasting the seem email to multiple coaches. Coaches can tell when the email has been mass sent. They want to recruit athletes that are genuinely interested in the college and their program. 

Triple check

Before you send the email, triple check it for spelling mistakes and reread the email to double-check your grammar. Ask a parent or another adult to check the email for any grammatical mistakes.

Example email 

Subject line - Florence Parker, English golfer, 72 scoring average, 4.0 GPA

Dear, Coach Fields

I am extremely invested in joining your team. In researching your program I noticed that 3 seniors would be graduating this spring and I would love to be considered in taking one of those available spots in Fall 2021. 

My name is Florence Parker and I am an English golfer based in Kent. I attend Crenshaw Academy and have a GPA of 4.0. I was recently named Crenshaw athlete of the year and gained my first national cap for the English under 18s team. I think my work ethic inside and outside of the classroom would make me an outstanding candidate for your golf team. 

For more information about me, academic stats and swing videos you can visit my FirstPoint USA profile - (Link to Profile)

Can you please let me know when you are free for a phone call or video chat so I can ask you more questions regarding your program? I am free Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th next week. 

I look forward to hearing from you

Best regards, 

Florence Parker

Phone number : (+44)7777 777777

Social media: @Fparker

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