Four Habits of Successful Student-athletes

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Finding the right balance between your academics and your sport can be tricky. If a student-athlete can execute this correctly then the sky is the limit. Staying healthy both mentally and physically is paramount to student-athletes happiness and success. Below are habits that successful student-athletes possess. 


The ability to hit the sweet spot between being a well-rounded student and sportsperson will help both in academic terms and the athletic side of things too. Planning is important, student-athletes need to make sure important dates like tests and events are in their calendar. This will help them preempt better and be able to organise studying around their practice too.  

Passing tests and succeeding in the classroom dictates overall progression at college, your studies come first. Not doing well in class can also jeopardise a student-athletes position on the team.


Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on mental health. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and can help protect against injury. As a student-athlete you will have team training and practice, its essential to make sure you are well fuelled and not training tired to get the best out of your performance. 

Stress management

Participating in sports and staying on top of studies—not to mention having a social life—can be stressful. This adds pressure and stress that comes as a result that is managed inefficiently and can lead to a plethora of health issues.

These can be avoided by consuming a well-balanced diet, minimising caffeine intake, adopting deep-breathing exercises or practising meditation, learning not to bottle feelings and emotions up, and getting the recommended daily amount of sleep.


When students are learning and busy being physically active, they can forget the important things that will help them with both of these things: staying hydrated.

Remaining hydrated is crucial for the human body if it’s to function at an optimum level on and off the field and track. Recommended water intake depends on factors such as age and gender. Six to eight glasses of water are what is recommended as the ideal amount to stay hydrated. This figure will rise for athletes, but it depends on the volume and intensity of the activity.

Students who are both academically and physically active regularly should keep in mind that they are still progressing as a person. They are still kids, so the element of fun should never be lost during this period. Don’t take things too seriously, whether it be strict diets (the odd takeaway will not undo all the hard work) or studying at home for a solid two hours every night when things get a little intense. Refer to the general rule of moderation in everything you do.

If you keep all this in mind, these healthy habits will become normal practice, and being a star student-athlete won’t be such a seemingly impossible task after all.

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