Recruiting Is Still Happening: What Recruiting Looks Like Across Division Levels  

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While the NCAA recently extended their suspension of all in-person recruiting through January 1, 2021 for Division 1 programs, this same ‘dead period’ does not apply to NCAA Division 2 and 3, NAIA and NJCAA programs.

 Below we have addressed what it is student-athletes are currently able to do, including how to manage recruiting during this time.


What type of recruiting is allowed at every division level? 

NCAA Division 1 – coaches/athletic staff cannot attend in-person recruiting events like camps, combines and tournaments or visit potential recruits at their high-school or home. While visits are not prohibited, D1 coaches are encouraged to suspend any unofficial and official visits to their college campus.


NCAA Division 2 – programs have resumed their normal recruiting calendars on September 1st 2020. Meaning, that all forms of contact, including in-person recruiting opportunities like events and on and off campus visits, are allowed.


NCAA Division 3 and NAIA – programs do not have any official recruiting rules or calendars in place, which allows potential recruits to communicate with coaches both digitally and in-person.


The NJCAA lifted its in-person recruiting ban on May 15th, 2020, which allows junior colleges to resume in-person recruiting.

Adapting to the changes in recruiting!

 Despite the changing landscape of recruiting during Covid-19, student-athletes can continue to manage their recruiting not win order to set themselves up for success. From regularly updating their First Point profile to researching college rosters, college coaches are looking for proactive recruits!


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