Four Big Differences When Playing Sport at College

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The jump from playing secondary or high school sports to being a college student-athlete can be significant. At FirstPoint USA, we work closely with all our clients to help them prepare for the exciting and life-changing experience of becoming a college athlete. Below are four of the most common differences noticed when playing sport at college.

Training and fitness

As a college athlete, you will train every day, sometimes even twice a day. A common schedule for a student-athlete is to have fitness training before class in the morning, then your class, and then participate in team practice after class. Many freshmen find this a challenging transition to begin with but stick with it - it shouldn’t take long to become accustomed to the new schedule. 

Team is everything

 Your team is who you will spend the majority of your college life with. You will live with teammates, go to the same classes as some of them, travel with them and train with them. They become like a family and so it's important to learn to live like a family, with everything that goes with that!

Free time

 With practice, competitions, training and class you won’t have much free time. You are a student first so it is highly recommended that you use and invest the free time you do have wisely. Time management is an important skill to master and keep on top of in your journey of being successful at college.  

Everyone is talented

 At college not only will you be competing against some of the best athletes from throughout America, and across the world, but you will also be training with them. You need to make sure you are keeping up with your teammates on and off the pitch to give yourself the very best chance of retaining your spot on the team.


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